Artists in Residence at the LIC Bar

Every month LIC Bar ( has a new “Artist in Residence”. February sees TWO, Jo Williamson and Xavier Cardriche.
LIC Bar is a popular venue for local, national and international artists who might be building up to a tour, making a come-back or preparing for a recording. Jo Williamson is such an artist, having recently taken a break from performing she joins a line of high calibre artists who use the LIC venue to hone their skills before embarking on tours or recording projects. Most frecently Jim Keller (famous for his hit 867-5309 with Tommy Tutone) has been such an artist, sharpening his performances before a tour with Nick Lowe.

Jo WilliamsonJo’s most recent recording is her album, Be the Man, produced by Martha Wainwright and released in 2011 as her third CD offering. As a singer songwriter, she writes and performs in a folk style which has a story-telling quality with a range between ballads and torch songs. She has a strong clear, accurate voice and a highly musical feel to performances which have powerful, intimate quality reminiscent of early Joni Mitchell, yet strong like Patti Smith and clear like the great British folk singer Sandy Denny.

In her first LIC Bar performance on Feb 4th she played acoustic guitars and an electric bass, using loop electronics to good effect: pushing the boundaries of traditional singer/songwriter performance. I was impressed by her honest professional approach and her visceral musicality.

Jo plus Bass

Jo looping with bass

Check her out on

Jo’s performances at LIC Bar are at 7pm on Mondays throughout February; nights when three other performers are presented each week, as well as free food at 9pm, courtesy of Parnell’s Restaurant (


Xavier Cardriche

Xavier Cardriche

Xavier Cardriche is well known to LIC Bar regulars, he is a strong singer with a rich bluesy voice and a confident performance style that connects immediately with the audience. Playing with both a band and solo his songs are powerful and melodic, with variations in style that makes for interesting sets, as can be heard on his self-titled 2012 album. In his performance on Feb 6th he added another dimension to his artistic presence by including a stylish performance from dancers Lauren Engleman ( and Kyla Ernst-Alper ( , who will be joining him again throughout February.


Xavier with dancers Lauren Engleman and Kyla Ernst-Alper

For this residency he is performing solo, with dancers, at 10pm every Wednesday night throughout February. Check him out on

LIC Bar Calendar:

Monday, Feb 11th

7pm Jo Williamson

8pm The Cowmen

9pm Sam Trapchak

10pm Anthony Cekay Group


Wednesday, Feb 13th

7pm Sabina Saragoussi

8pm Cheer

9pm Remy De Laroque

10pm Xavier Cardriche Feb Residency


Thursday, Feb 14th

9pm Fireside Valentines Day Special

invite that special someone to hear love ballads

for this special Valentines Day concert by the

LIC Bar fireplace! Performances by Silbin Sandovar & friends


Saturday, Feb 16th


Magic Bones


Sunday, Feb 17th


Big City Folk Sunday Social

Obscure in the Round

Niall Connolly, Anthony Mulcahy and Matt Sucich. 


8:30pm Ali Silva’s Fireside Ghost Stories: The Valentines Day Show

Tales that explore the dark side of love by the LIC Bar



Monday, Feb 18th

7pm Kjersti Kveli

8pm Tango Mediterraneo

9pm Tipsy Oxcart

10pm Nik Westman



Wednesday, Feb 20th

8pm Frealane

9pm Lee Ann Westover’s Battle Annies

10pm Xavier Cardriche Feb Residency




Saturday, Feb 23rd 8-11pm


In honor of The Who helping LIC Bar post Hurricane

Sandy, we’re celebrating with live music by

The Ultimate Who Tribute Band “WHO’S NEXT”


PETE TOWNSHEND and lots of other great prizes!

Tix $20—all proceeds go to The Who’s official charity: THE TEENAGE CANCER TRUST


11pm Silbin & Friends


Sunday, Feb 24th 5-8pm

Big City Folk Sunday Social

feat Jesse Cohen

Anthony Lanni and Friends


Monday, Feb 25th

7pm Jo Williamson

8pm Antonio Parisi

9pm Kat Calvosa

10pm Kelly Ash


Wednesday, Feb 27th

8pm Stacy Rock

9pm Dana Athens

10pm Xavier Cardriche Feb Residency