About Eric Hathaway and his blogs

Some Time In Long Island City is a blog  from Eric  Hathaway, a New Zealand/UK expatriate living in New York.

The blog forms a companion to EarthSouNZ, a blog founded on my World Music Radio shows in  New Zealand, a show that I had to give up when moving to the US. EarthSouNZ is re-launching as a blog supported by podcasts in February 2013, celebrating the build-up to WOMAD Taranaki, a  world music festival established in the UK by Peter Gabriel in 1982 and now a real force in the dissemination of world music through these annual festivals.

Sometime in Long Island City is my reaction to finding my way in the area, exploring the music scene, enjoying the food establishments, the Art shows and generally soaking up much that this previously industrial area has to offer. The blog is mainly about music, food and culture. I think of it an way of sharing my enthusiasm for this  vibrant and exciting community.

My wish is not to be blandly enthusiastic but to offer genuine impressions and offer constructive feedback when appropriate. All the photographs are my own, as are the opinions!

I’m experimenting with putting sound files into the blog with the intention to eventually offer a kind of blog radio, so that I can give examples of music from artists that I talk about as well as interviews.

The Gantries, a reminder of LIC’s industrial past


One comment on “About Eric Hathaway and his blogs

  1. 40 people in Astoria/LIC will play music on saws together @ 10th NYC Musical Saw Festival 6/1 Please consider reporting http://www.MusicalSawFestival.org

    This is what playing music on a saw sounds like http://youtu.be/lPvTTc7jAVQ (that’s the festival’s director). Thank u for your consideration!

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